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Bank of India Star Smart Home Loan


Established in 1906, Bank of India is one of the most seasoned flourishing money related organizations in India which offers a broad suite of budgetary items and administrations. The bank was nationalized in the year 1969 and as of now works with the assistance of more than 4200 branches, found all over India.


Owning a house can involve incredible pride and happiness for any individual, be that as it may, these days, with the land costs soaring, it is difficult to fund the cost of another house or flat. In this way, those of you hoping to buy or develop another house or loft needn’t look any further. Bank of India offers an interesting home financing alternative by a method for the BOI Star Smart Home Loan. This home credit offers some excellent elements and advantages like low financing costs, high loan amounts, Long repayment period, among some more.




Features and Benefits – BOI Star Smart Home Loan:


Kind of Loan – The BOI Star Smart Home Loan is connected to a Savings Bank or Current Account held by the client.

Reimbursement Tenure – Customers who have taken the BOI Star Smart home credit can reimburse the Loan over the greatest residency which is altered at 30 years.

Loan Amount – Get all the fund you have to buy your new house with the BOI Star Smart Home Loan which accompanies a base Loan point of confinement of Rs 5 lakhs (for salaried people); Rs 10 lakhs (for different people). As far as possible for which you may take this credit will be according to the ordinary home Loan plan.


Reimbursement Method – Repayment of the BOI Star Smart Home Loan should be possible by means of Equated Monthly Installments through standing directions for a charge of credit portion.

Option To Reduce Interest – With this Loan, any sum which is over as far as possible in a Savings Bank or Current Account will consequently be exchanged to your home credit Account, which thusly will diminish the loan fee trouble.


Overdraft Account – BOI Star Smart home Loan clients have the choice of working their home credit account as an overdraft account up till the overabundance sum which is kept in the record.


Surplus Benefit – The surplus sum which you have on your record can without much of a stretch be used for any individual or business reason.


Double Benefit – The BOI Star Smart home credit offers the double advantage of simple liquidity as well as intrigue alleviation.


Early Closure of Home Loan – One of the most novel elements of this home Loan is that helps you in early conclusion of the credit. This is conceivable as the surplus finances in the record help in bringing down the intrigue risk. Because of this, a bigger piece of the EMI will be directed to pay off the credit sum, in this way decreasing the Loan. As an aftereffect of this, it gets to be feasible for you to make an early conclusion on your credit.


Interest Rate – BOI Star Smart Home Loan:


BOI offers a standout among the most focused rates on its home Loans. The Star Smart home Loan offers the accompanying financing cost, contingent upon the measure of credit taken.


For Loan up to Rs 75 lakh: 10.20%

For Loans over Rs 75 lakh and up to Rs 10 lakh:10.45%

For Loans over Rs 100 lakh: 10.70%


Charges and Fees:


The BOI Star Smart home Loan offers another extraordinarily favorable position, which is flexibility from high charges or expenses which are typically connected with home credits. With this Loan, whatever the credit sum might be, singular clients just need to pay preparing charges which are settled at the rate of 0.25% of the Loan sum. The base preparing accuse required of this Loan is settled at Rs 1,000 and the greatest sum chargeable as handling expense is topped at Rs 20,000. For association firms and corporate home Loan clients, the Loan preparing charges will be twofold of what is pertinent for individual clients. For Star Smart home Loan clients hailing from country territories, the preparing charges will be 75% of the rate that is pertinent to the individual client. These handling charges are pertinent on all loan amounts.


Eligibility – BOI Star Smart Home Loan:


So as to be qualified for the BOI Star Smart home Loan, new and existing clients must agree to the accompanying qualification criteria:

All current Bank Of India Savings Bank or Current Account holders who have kept up a normal adjust of Rs 5,000 in their record for as far back as a year are qualified for this home Loan.

Every single new client who has opened another BOI Savings Bank or Current Account opening of Rs 5,000 are qualified for this home Loan.

All current/imminent salaried people whose compensation gets credited to a Bank of India branch and their reimbursements are planned or proposed to be done from this record, paying little mind to the base adjust, are additionally qualified for this home Loan.

All independently employed people.

Experts like designers, attorneys, specialists, contracted bookkeepers, representatives, and so on., who have a standard wellspring of wage, are qualified for this credit too.

The Savings Bank or current Account connected with this Loan must be kept up by the borrower, all through the residency of the Loan.


FAQs: Bank of India (BOI)


What are the offices accessible with the record connected with this home Loan?

The Savings Bank or Current Account connected with your BOI Star Smart home Loan accompanies different offices like a charge card, check book office, portable saving money and web managing an accounting office, and so on.


Is there a day and age when these offices will be given on the related record?

Yes, every one of these offices might be given after the full dispensing of credit sum and fruition of the ban time of the Loan.


Are there any accuses related of the use of the Cheque book or ATM card gave this record?


Any charges exacted on the utilization of Cheque book or ATM card will be pertinent according to the bank’s surviving rules.


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